We are primarily a provider of business information and marketing lists. We do not offer Email Delivery Services although subject to our Terms of Business we do offer guarantees and refunds covering Hard Bounces.
You will find Email Delivery Services that will deliver email messages to our Lists by visiting:- Email Marketing Tips . Some other services have sending policies beyond our control, for example Mailchimp who insist that you can only email out to a “transactional” list which means you must already have an established relationship with the recipients. So you should check the Terms of Service of your chosen delivery service.
If you are unclear on how our own Guarantees work then please see full details in our Shopping Cart.
NEW: Send Email Messages to Your Sales Prospects via their Website Contact Forms.  Website Contact V1.47 from German software developer GSA automatically detects Contact Form pages from Lists of Website URLS and directly sends your pre-formatted messages via these forms. All our Business Lists include Website URLS so this is an alternative to conventional email list delivery services with no known Data Protection, Spamhaus, Privacy or Email Abuse Issues.  Not all websites have a contact form but we are currently testing the software and achieving an average successful delivery rate of around 40%.  So while not a complete solution this is a viable delivery method especially as the application has a one time cost of just $95.00 with life time support. Click here for more information on Website Contact V1.47

Clickback are the market leaders in sending  email messages to a purchased list. Click here for more details.